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Work, travel, and live in Taiwan! 

Ready to have the experience of living and working in another part of the world?

International Language Programs (that's us) can get you set up to apply with your Taiwanese employer to teach English professionally at schools in northwestern Taiwan. You'll be set up with a fellow group of American teachers, a salary, a teaching schedule, vacation time, and more — read up on the requirements necessary for our teachers, plus all the details you need. 

We are currently accepting applications! Find the application at the bottom of the page.

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To apply, you must have a 2 or 4 year degree in any emphasis (teaching degree not required), be a native English speaker, and a citizen or resident of North America.

Chinese language skills are not required. In ILP classes, children learn English similarly to how they acquired their native language, through experience and interaction with a fluent speaker. Since teachers speak only in English while teaching, you do not need to be able to speak Chinese.

Applicants should demonstrate good social skills, willingness to work with a foreign employer, and the desire to serve children.

Dates & Compensation 

Contracts are available in 2 terms: Spring is January-June and Fall is July-December. A year-long contract will combine both terms. 

Your employer covers the costs of roundtrip airfare to Taiwan, housing, teaching materials, along with your salary. The salary amounts listed below include a completion bonus that you'll receive upon completing your semester.

6 months 
Associate's degree: $5,500
Bachelor's degree: $6,500

12 months
Associates degree: $12,000
Bachelor's degree: $15,000


The Teaching Experience 

Teachers use a teaching methodology for teaching English developed by the late Dr. Trevor McKee, Ph.D., professor of Human Development and Psycholinguistics at Brigham Young University. Prior to departure, you will complete a qualifying training session with ILP on teaching using this methodology. Applicants from a wide variety of backgrounds have become very effective teachers in a short time, even without prior experience.

Teachers will work 40 hours per week. An average of 30 hours is spent in the classroom while the other 10 hours are devoted to preparation time (training workshops, lesson planning, staff meetings, etc).

English will help the children in Taiwan receive numerous educational and professional opportunities now, and in their future.  More importantly, each child will build a loving relationship with an American teacher. The impact you can make is a powerful one. 

Living in Taiwan 

Teachers live in the northwestern cities of Fengyuan and Changhua. Through the ILP Professional Teaching Program, you'll be living and teaching at a local school, but with other American teachers (in addition to local staff). 

This program is focused on immersion, providing ways for you to not only experience a foreign culture, but to contribute to it. In addition to your teaching opportunities, teachers will have the chance to travel on weekend, holiday breaks, and designated school vacation days. Teachers are responsible for all of their vacation arrangements and costs and have been able to travel all over Taiwan. 

Participants in this program typically come from schools like Brigham Young University, BYU-I, University of Utah, Utah State, Weber State, Arizona State University, and many others throughout Utah and the United States and Canada.

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Apply Online 

We are currently accepting applications for contracts starting in January 2024 and July 2024! Get started by submitting your online application here, or clicking the button below. Applications are accepted no earlier than 1 year in advance. We highly recommend starting the application about 6 months prior to the semester you wish to go, to help increase your chances at an available opening.  We're so excited for your international adventure! 

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