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First, An Update On ISIC

ISIC is no longer an insurance option for ILP volunteers. You may have heard about ISIC through ILP (we recommended this as an insurance option for many years), however, after closing operations for over a year in 2020, they are no longer offering insurance coverage ... which is why we have this updated resource page.

Insurance For Your ILP Semester

All ILP participants must have adequate international insurance during their semester. While there is quite a selection of policies out there, all ILP volunteers must have insurance that covers travel emergency illness/accident coverage in case of medical or other emergencies abroad, as well as emergency medical evacuation and repatriation.

Whether you already have insurance or not, we want to make sure your coverage is adequate for the many unexpected things that come up for volunteers every semester, which is why we have this page (and a few other resources to help you out).

Checking Your Insurance + Choosing A Policy

First, head to my.ilp.org

Once volunteers receive their assignment, you can sign into the volunteer website which has tons of info in addition to your insurance options. You'll definitely want to log into my.ilp.org where you can find more specific information about choosing an insurance policy in your Travel Documents (under the Pre-Departure tab). There, you'll find information and a form that outlines what policies must be covered by your chosen insurance, as well as any particulars that may be required by the country you're volunteering in. 

You have access to this info as soon as you receive your assignment and can create an account with my.ilp.org. Then you can compare your current insurance (if you have it) with what's required, and see some options that past volunteers have used for their semester abroad. 

However, now is a good time to remind you to consider other things you may want to be included when choosing a policy. We highly recommend that you thoroughly and closely read all the terms and conditions of each policy you're considering to confirm you're comfortable with the level of coverage for things that are important to you (ie: trip cancellation/trip interruption, Covid-19 coverage, baggage delays, etc), as well as what's required by ILP. 

A Few Other Resources 

Again, you have way more info about this on my.ilp.org, but if you're still waiting for your assignment, here are some resources that compare policies and insurers if that's helpful to look into right now: