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Have you been wanting to see the world with your friends? Looking for an opportunity to give back and have a meaningful experience? Need a break from school?

International Language Programs (ILP) is a non-profit organization with opportunities for you to make it all happen:

  • No experience or degree needed (you don't even need to speak another language)
  • Spring, Summer, and Fall semesters
  • Affordable (we keep your costs low, have budget options, discounts, and payment plans)
  • You're never alone (we'll hook you up with a group of other volunteers your age - or bring a friend with you!)


12 Countries Around The World

Walk the cobblestone streets in Poland, zip line through the jungle in Costa Rica, or wander a market in Thailand.

Check out all of the countries you can live in.

What You'll Be Doing

Making a difference by volunteering with children:

Help children learn English and open doors for their future. Our teaching method is fun and easy (it's more like playing in small groups!) and you do not need any prior experience; We train you!

Or, spend your time in an orphanage giving young children the rare gift of your 1-on-1 attention and love to help them develop and grow.

Exploring and traveling:

You can't go live in another country and not have time to see it right? You're volunteering part time (up to 20 hours per week), you have every weekend off, and you get extra vacation time to travel! 

If you're volunteering in the Dominican Republic, that means you can go lay on the beach on a Thursday afternoon, swim your way through 27 Waterfalls on a Saturday, and travel to the other side of the island and go snorkeling, horse back riding, and dune buggie driving on your next vacation.


This experience is life-changing. A semester abroad is different for everyone, but you may be surprised how much you actually gain while you're giving back; New friends, confidence and purpose, direction in school and experience for your resume, unforgettable memories and buck-list adventures, greater gratitude for what you have + just an overall sense of happiness. 


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Have questions about volunteering? Click that blue button and we can get in touch with you.

volunteer in the caribbean

"From strangers to best friends. Adventuring this beautiful country with these girls has been a dream."

- Makena, volunteer in China

humanitarian program


You're at least 18 years old

Insider tip: You can apply when you're 17 as long as you turn 18 by the time you depart! ILP volunteers are typically 18-26 years old.

You have a US or Canadian passport

We've worked with some who have a US green card. Contact us if you have questions about your eligibility.

Your first language is English

If you speak English naturally, you've got a talent that the world wants! You don't need to speak any other language, but if you want to learn a new language, living there is the best way to do it.

You love kids

You don't need any experience with teaching or even with kids in general. Just a desire to make a difference.

You want to live like the locals

You're living right in the neighborhoods, right in the culture (either in an apartment/dorm with other volunteers or with a host family).

We'll make sure your needs are met and we're not saying you're going to be in a shack with dirt floors, but maybe you'll have a fan instead of AC. Maybe your internet will cut out for 1/2 a day (but who wants to spend their whole semester on Netflix anways?). Ready for the adventure?


Your program fee (starting from $2,520) includes your roundtrip international flight, visa, housing and 3 meals per day, pre and in-country training, and culture and language classes.

Learn about the cost differences here.

volunteer in Mexico







Have some questions? Or just want to talk to someone who's volunteered before? Fill out your contact info below and we'll send you a text so we can chat.

WANNA CHAT? We'll text you!

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Ready to start your adventure?


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