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Please Note: 

We have made the difficult decision to, for the time being, close our long-standing program in China. At the start of the 2020 pandemic, countries around the world began closing their international borders in an effort to contain the Covid-19 virus. China followed suit — there have been strict requirements under which travelers are allowed to enter and visa policies have been changing, all resulting in an ILP program not being possible at this time. 

We are staying in touch with our local contacts in China who are eager for ILP volunteers and teachers to return, but because it seems likely that we will not be able to resume our program for a year or more, we are not accepting applications to volunteer in China for now. Our program in China has been a favorite amongst ILP volunteers for the past 20 years and we share your disappointment. We will continue to watch for updates that may allow us to resume our program here and will make any announcements on Instagram.

In the meantime, professional teaching opportunities are currently available for both Taiwan and Thailand. 

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